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Control Web Server – Use the Htaccess File

Indeed, even the best site with phenomenal plan is a long way from an ideal framework assuming you don’t take care for security, redirection of www subdomain, blunder pages, and so on Many web servers including Apache and Skyblock Servers support the .htaccess document which is a design record for web server arrangement. This record can be utilized to fix the security of the site, to secret word ensure certain registries, to divert old erased pages to new addresses or to alter practically any web server setting. The .htaccess web server arrangement record is very much reported on many pages – when you will require precise guidelines on the most proficient method to accomplish something, essentially Google for it. You just need to realize how to manage this record.

Approval and Authentication

You can confine admittance to individual registries with .htaccess and .htpasswd records. This is extremely advantageous in light of the fact that it is autonomous of the substance of the executives framework and gives exceptionally high security.

Revamping URLs

This implies transforming one url or web address into another. This is valuable essentially in two cases. Once in a while you will erase or rename old pages. To forestall showing a “Page not found” mistake when someone follows a connection to the old page you can just divert the old url to the location of another page. The other significant utilization of url revising is to make more limited, web search tool well disposed urls with catchphrases.

One more utilization of revamping is likewise to divert www address to non-www address or the other way around. For authentic reasons when the web arose all the sites utilized the www subdomain. There is no compelling reason to utilize it, yet a greater part of locales still uses this sort of web address. Furthermore, in light of the fact that a few clients type it and some don’t, you need to take care for the two variations. The simplest method for diverting one location to another is by utilizing the .htaccess setup record.

IP Address Blocking

You can obstruct individual IP addresses or spaces. This is valuable when you need to impede a few bugs, bots or even referrers.

Registry Listing

Typically you don’t need guests to see the documents in your catalogs. With the .htaccess design document you can without much of a stretch forestall posting of any index.

Custom Error Pages

Every mistake on the server side can be diverted to a custom page. This is considerably more easy to understand than short mistake text revealed by the server.

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